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Fly Private This Winter

With commercial aviation you’re at the whim of the weather. A storm comes in and you may get stranded. And if you’ve ever spent a night sleeping at LAX you’ll know the value of not getting stranded. With a private air charter you can travel smoothly and serenely, in virtually all conditions. This short article explains why.

Why You Should be Flying Private This Winter

Winter is coming. Blizzard conditions, icy runways, closed airports and getting stranded. At Newark Liberty International Airport. Or some other airport with intensely bright lights and lounges full of armrests.

Okay, maybe you’re not stranded in Florida, but it’s surprising how many large international airports struggle with seasonal conditions. Nobody wants to be sleeping on the floor of an overcrowded terminal, with only Starbucks and stale armpit smells for company (and a few thousand other angry passengers voicing their frustrations).

Private Jets Still Fly When Commercial Airlines Are Grounded

Extreme weather will challenge any airport. There’s not much air traffic control can do with heavy snowfall and tempest wind. Sometimes it’s just too dangerous to fly. However, the US climate varies immensely over a relatively small area. That’s why LaGuardia Airport can be partially closed while JFK International stays open.

Commercial airlines have limited space to maneuver. They need long runways plus terminals that can process large numbers of passengers. And when LaGuardia shuts down they can’t switch to JFK because JFK is running at full capacity. So the flights are cancelled and passengers are left stranded.

You can blame the snow and curse bad luck. But there is another way. Private jets utilize a far greater abundance of airports. Private jet pilots can quickly change the route to an airport where the weather has less of an impact – an option that’s far out of the reach of inflexible commercial airlines.

A private jet charter has enormous possibility and flexibility. Both passenger or pilot can shift the take off time or switch destination, in a way that’s impossible for a commercial airline. In the US there are 789 airports with scheduled flights - a private air charter has access to over 5000.

Private Jet Airports Get Up & Running Quicker Than Bigger Airports

Extreme weather conditions are inevitable. Passengers congregate in the terminals and the backlog intensifies. Soon Starbucks has run out of coffee and the body odor smell has become intoxicating.

Then the weather clears, the snow abates and the airport kicks into gear. All systems go and still you are stranded.

Large commercial airports run large operations, so it naturally takes more time for them to get the show back on the road. Private jet airports are smaller; it takes less work and less time before planes are back in the air.

There’s another annoyance to consider. After winter storms commercial aircraft are in the wrong place. Returning planes to their normal schedule may take airlines up to a week – which leaves passengers stranded, even after the end of the blizzard. Private jet operators aren’t restricted by commercial schedules, so their planes can quickly get to where they need to be.

The Safe Choice in Winter

Of course, if it really is too dangerous to fly you won’t fly, whether on a private charter or commercial flight. Safety always take priority, for obvious reasons.

But when it is too dangerous to fly a six-hour delay is only an inconvenience. You don’t have to wait any longer because six hours is usually it takes to switch airport and get you in the air. Nobody wants to be hunkering down on a chaotic terminal carpet, waiting to hear that the flight has been pushed back another 12 hours. Or that it’s been cancelled altogether.

Search for Private Jet Flights This Winter

Airvel is the easy way to search for private jet flights. You can fly anywhere on any day of the year. And you can sidestep the big commercial airports and minimize the chance of winter delays.

Air charters are becoming surprisingly affordable and the Airvel marketplace allows you to compare prices instantly, so you can find the deal that is best for you.

It’s the leading marketplace for private air charters, giving you access to over 4000 aircraft and all US destinations.

Take off with Airvel today and we’ll take $500 off your first flight. We’ll also take away getting stranded. Because when flight plan have to change, Airvel ensures you can still fly to where you need to be.





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