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jet fall you own a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO? If you do, this blog post probably isn’t for you. Many people think that private air charter is only for those with opulent sports cars. Or those with a Hamptons beach villa that’s been in the family for over a century. Private air charter is for everyone, especially when you know how to get inspirational last minute private jet deals.

How To: Get Inspirational Last Minute Private Jet Deals - Every Time

Six people can fly Miami to a small Caribbean island for under $1000 each. Getaway to a five-star resort in the southern states and the flight will cost less than the room. With last minute private jet deals the price is equivalent to flying business class on a commercial airline. You just need to know where to look.

This article will show you how to get inspirational last minute private jet deals. We’ll give you five simple steps in less than the time it takes you to drink an espresso. Then it offers some suggestions for rockstar winter deals and getaway resorts in the south.

#1 - Private Air Charter Is Cheaper Than You Think

One to two decades ago there was a huge expansion in commercial air routes. More flights equals better deals. Well that’s happening right now in the private air charter market. You don’t need a million-dollar home to fly private. Your first step is to understand that it is a possibility. So whenever you fly, compare air charter deals as well as commercial flights.

#2 - Private Air Charters Save You Time and Money

Fly on a last minute private jet deal and you turn up to the airport 15 minutes before departure. You use a private terminal, breeze through security and take off. Compare that with checking onto a flight at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It’s just as quick when you land. But the big time saver is the choice of airport. You can fly to over 2500 airports across the United States. That means touching down in a city, not at the out-of-town international airport. It means touching down at your destination, not just the closest airport serviced by commercial flights. You save time. And you save money on ground transport.

#3 - The Flexibility of Flying Private

You’re delayed. Maybe if you did own that 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO you could have slalomed through the traffic. But no drama. Call the airport and delay the flight. It’s your charter. So the plane has to wait for you. Add up all the money you wasted missing flights and last minute private jet deals are even more appealing.

#4 - Last Minute Private Jet Deals - You Can Share The Cost With Friends

$6000 to the Caribbean might not be affordable. But how about $1000? It’s now possible to share the cost of a private air charter. So those last minute private jet deals can be split among friends and family. Everyone pays for their seat and you all enjoy the flexibility of flying where you want, whenever you want.

#5 - How To Find Last Minute Private Jet Deals - The Easy Way

Airvel is the premier place to find last minute private jet deals. Search flights to and from any airport in the United States and you’ll get instant quotes on dozens of aircraft. The website searches over 4000 aircraft for charter, meaning you’ll always get last minute private jet deal prices, even if you’re booking three months in advance.

Compare the prices and the aircraft. Select your charter. Pay. Then fly. It really is that simple.

Try it at or download the app. Airvel will even do the searching for you - just tell them where and when you want to fly.

That’s all there is to finding the best last minute private jet deals. So you can finish your coffee and get back to whatever else you were reading. Or you can read on for some inspirational ideas of where to fly private.

Inspirational Last Minute Private Jet Deals - Ideas For Winter

Two kids silhouette on meadow looking at airplane in air

January. Who likes January? The post-holiday blues with nothing to look forward to bar the football. And once February rolls in there’s not even a Super Bowl on the horizon. January is when you really need to escape, when you really need a last minute private jet deal to take you somewhere else in the world. And by somewhere else we mean on the snowy slopes or on a tropical island.

January is also one of the best months for getting inspirational last minute private jet deals. Demand for aircraft is low and many operators reduce their prices.

We searched through the Airvel data to find some last minute private jet deals booked in January 2017. The parameters? We wanted easy travel, plenty of sun and something that was an escape from the office. Sound inspirational to you? Here are some of last winter’s last minute private jet deals.

Family Trip to the Bahamas

We could not think of anything more comfy than a King Air prop. It has enough space for a family and is priced similar to flying commercially. It’s one of the most popular aircraft for charter, so you can often find last minute private jet deals for King Air props. There are lots of flights from Ft Lauderdale to Nassau all year round but this quick hop flight is exactly what a family needs for a quick getaway.

How much does it cost by private charter?

  • Itinerary: Ft Lauderdale Airport to Nassau Airport (1 week return)
  • Aircraft: Beech BE90 King Air (7 seats)
  • Flight Time: 1h37
  • Price: $13,583

Ski Weekend in Tahoe?

For a group of friends wanting to hit the slopes for a long weekend away we recommended an Embraer Phenom 100. There’s enough space for four passengers including luggage and skis - plus none of the premium baggage fares commercial airlines make you pay.

What is the best option by private charter?

  • Itinerary: Santa Barbara Municipal to Truckee Tahoe (3 day return)
  • Aircraft: Embraer Phenom 100 (4 seats)
  • Flight Time: 1 Hour

Last Minute Private Jet Deals - Caribbean Island Hopping

Most of the Caribbean airports have very short runways so we recommend a plane like the Beech BE200 Super King Air. It offers luxury and space inside the cabin, while giving you opportunity to exploit the short runways. Try hopping from Barbados to St Barths and land on one of the world’s most picturesque airports.

How much does it cost by private charter?

  • Itinerary: Barbados Bridgetown Intl to St Barthelemy (1 way)
  • Aircraft: Beech BE200 Super King Air (8 seats)
  • Flight Time: 2 Hours
  • Price: Approximately $11,000

A Day on the Slopes

Our Airvel search for getaways was inspired by one of our clients. He lives near Jackson Hole - which has plenty of snowy slopes - but wanted to fly to the virgin snow of Mammoth Lakes. A Citation Mustang is the perfect choice, flexible and affordable with plenty of space for passengers and skis.

How could you do it by private charter?

  • Itinerary: Jackson Hole – Mammoth Lakes Yosemite Air (1 day return)
  • Aircraft: Citation 510 Mustang (4 seats)
  • Flight Time: 2 Hours

Combining Last Minute Private Jet Deals with Commercial Air for a Caribbean Getaway

If it seems overindulgent to fly private charter all the way to the Caribbean, consider flying into Miami on a commercial flight before a convenient private flight onto your island of choice. St Lucia is just one option and you’ll find many others when searching for the best last minute private jet deals on Airvel.

Where could you fly on a private charter?

  • Itinerary: Miami Intl – St Lucia George Charles Airport (1 week return)
  • Aircraft: Citation XL (8 seats)
  • Flight Time: 3 Hours 30 Minutes

Inspirational Last Minute Private Jet Deals To 8 of the Best Getaway Resorts in the South

Daydream about a luxurious weekend away. A tropical beach in some far-off destination, an escape from the world, a place to be alone beneath the sun. Now realize that weekend by finding last minute private jet deals.

You don’t need the Caribbean or the Maldives, even if it’s possible to fly private air charter anywhere in the world. You don’t need to travel further than the Southern states for an inspirational place to get away from it all.

From the West Virginia Mountains to an island on the South Carolina coast, the Southern states have many beautiful getaway resorts. Here are eight of the best along with the nearest airport to use when searching for last minute private jet deals.

#1 The Greenbrier | West Virginia

Closest Airport: Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport (ROA) or Raleigh County Memorial Airport (PKW)


The Greenbier in West Virginia.


Tour an old bunker from the Cold War, relax in a mineral spa, play a round on a world-class golf course, practice your stroke at the championship tennis facility...not only does The Greenbier have beauty to offer, but plenty of ways to have a good time during your stay. This historic American landmark from the 1770s is surrounded by the Allegheny Mountains and offers exquisite accommodations plus endless options for entertainment. Book your weekend. (Photo:

#2 The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort | South Carolina

Closest Airport: Charleston Executive Airport (JZI)


The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort


The Sanctuary on iconic Kiawah Island in South Carolina is the golfer’s Southern paradise and popular with people searching for last minute private jet deals. There are five different championship golf courses to choose from at Kiawah Island’s golf resort, all surrounded by beautiful ocean views. In addition to all of the options for playing, the resort offers a huge range of dining options and different styles of accommodation. Book your weekend trip. (Photo:

#3 Blackberry Farm | Tennessee

Closest Airport: Mcghee Tyson Airport (TYS)


Blackberry Farm in Tennessee


A charming resort estate placed in the foothills of East Tennessee’s Smokey Mountains. Experience breathtaking views over Tennessee’s most picturesque region, the resort all about sitting in a rocking chair on top of hill, watching the sunrise over the mountains. Also enjoy an incredible dining experience with Blackberry Farm’s renowned cuisine; the farm is home to some of the South’s most talented chefs. Book your weekend. (Photo: Conde Naste Traveler)

#4 The Lodge on Little St. Simon’s Island | Georgia

Closest Airport: Brunswick Golden Isles Airport (BQK)


The Lodge on Little St. Simon’s Island


An island resort with conservation at the forefront of its values, The Lodge is a unique getaway on Georgia’s Little St. Simon Island. It’s a resort that has provides all the amenities a luxury resort usually offers, with the island’s natural habitat and beauty all around. Book your weekend. (Photo: Conde Naste Traveler)

#5 The Cloister at Sea Island | Georgia

Closest Airport: Brunswick Golden Isles Airport (BQK)


The Cloister at Sea Island


The Cloister is the only resort in the world that has achieved four different Forbes five-star ratings, nine years in a row. So what better destination for a last minute private jet deal? The Cloister offers a wide range of accommodation styles from English-style manors to sea-front cottages, with exquisite dining rooms to go with each. It’s the sort of resort where you don’t feel bad about doing nothing but hang around the room. Book a weekend trip. (DeLoach Sotheby's International Realty)

#6 Salamander Resort & Spa | Virginia

Closest Airport: Leesburg Executive Airport (JYO) or Dulles International Airport (IAD)


Salamander Resort & Spa


An authentic Southern place in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, The Salamander Resort & Spa is located in the heart of Virginia’s horse and wine country. It is surrounded by more than 20 wineries and focal points of American history, like the historic town of Middleburg. So search for a last minute private jet deal and indulge. Book a weekend. (Photo: LandLopers)

#7 Nottoway Plantation & Resort | Louisiana

Nearest Airport: Double H Ranch Airport (0LA1), Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (BTR), Harry P Williams Memorial Airport (PTN)


Nottoway Plantation & Resort


An iconic Southern landmark, the Nottoway Plantation is the perfect place to get a true Louisiana experience. Stay overnight in the 1850s Antebellum Mansion’s restored rooms or at one of the cottage houses located around the plantation. Take a tour and learn about the decades of history that it holds, or experience the plantation’s famous murder mystery theatre while enjoying a 4-course dinner. Book your stay. (Photo: Nottoway Plantation)

#8 Cheeca Lodge & Spa | Florida Keys

Nearest Airport: Tavernaero Park Airport (FA81)


Get last minute private jet deals to Cheeca Lodge & Spa


Alright, we had to throw in one tropical getaway location- but it’s the in Florida Keys, so it’s still the backyard of the South. The Cheeca Lodge and Spa is an ocean-front resort located midway down the Florida Keys where you can kick back and soak up the sun on over 1,000 feet of private beach. There’s plenty of sea fishing, golf, tennis and water sports to take part in on this beautiful resort with a Carribean atmosphere that you get on the Florida Keys. Book your weekend getaway. (Photo:

Fly Anywhere, Anytime With Airvel

With Airvel you can fly to any of these inspirational resorts in the South. Or to the Caribbean. Or to Europe. You can fly anywhere you want to go, anytime you want to fly.

Airvel is the world's leading marketplace for on-demand air charter. Just search, select and fly.

  • 4000+ Aircraft
  • All US airports
  • Worldwide Flights
  • Online Booking
  • On the Phone
  • 24-7 Support

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