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Business jet charter solutions have changed enormously. They’re now more flexible and more dynamic, able to respond more efficiently to fast-paced change.

In this article you’ll learn how business jet charters can save your business money and how to maximize both the efficiency and cost savings.

Business Aviation – Why You Should Be Considering Private Charters

Commercial airlines and flights can’t keep pace with most modern, international businesses. Even with a business package that allows for easy and cost-free flight changes, the typical hub and spoke routing model wastes time and creates travel-related stress. And the cramped seats of Boeing 737 are hardly conducive to conducting business, even if it’s only working on a laptop.

Here's what private charters can bring to your business.

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Minimizing Total Travel Time

Private air charters provide a more tailored solution. Their luxury is the time you are able to save. A six-hour two-leg flight becomes a three-hour direct flight between destinations. You can take off and land at over 2500 airports in the US alone, reducing transfer time to the end destination.

With business jet charters you’ll use airport FBOs, private terminals that remove stress and waiting time. Just turn up 10 – 15 minutes before the flight, breeze through security and take off. Compare that to a wasted 90 minutes plodding through check in and security at a busy international terminal.

Maximizing time means maximizing human resources. All this time that’s saved mean you and everybody else in the business can get more done in a day. Staff are happier as well. Nobody wants to be forced into an overnight at Dulles when they could be at home with the family. Everybody hates wasted minutes and hours when deadlines come near.

Maximizing Flexibility

Commercial flight solutions have been successful in removing change fees, so a booked flight can be moved to a different name or day. However, what if you’re late for a flight? What happens when a meeting is moved forward and you must be in New York four hours earlier? You must also consider the inflexibility when commercial flights are delayed or cancelled – this affects some one in six flights in the US.

Charter a plane and you’re in control. Delay take off by an hour because a meeting has overrun. Don’t even worry about the reason, just ring ahead and the plane will wait. If there’s potential for delay or cancellation then you’ll be provided with a new plane. Business air charters help you get where you need to go, at the time you need to be there. Even at the very last minute it’s possible to make changes, including the destination airport. So when plans change, an air charter always has you covered.

Maximizing Productivity

Minimizing travel time goes a long way to increasing productivity. With business jet charters you also maximize productivity during the flight. Aircraft can be configured to your choosing, so a boardroom style setup can be used for onboard meetings. This is particularly useful when flying with clients, where typical cabin-style seating makes conversation and work awkward.

Reliable onboard Wi-Fi is now a feature of most aircraft for charter. Features like this can be seen when you compare aircraft and flights on Airvel, the world’s leading booking engine for air charter. Regular business charter customers have in-flight objectives, confident in the facilities on board and what they will be able to achieve, something that isn’t possible when flying commercially.

Mission-Critical Solutions

Try getting a director from New York to a remote Californian engineering site in eight hours. Maybe it’s just about possible with a six-hour commercial flight and two-hour transfer. But what if the director needs to be there in eight hours from now? Responsive air charters can get anybody in the air within an hour. Aircraft and pilots are ready at a moment’s notice and a remote engineering site is far more accessible when you land at a small private airport nearby.

The aviation needs of most businesses are unplanned. They require precise and timely solutions, irrespective of a project’s size or scope. Having immediate access to multiple aircraft helps you respond to all the change, especially at mission-critical moments. Flexibility and responsiveness it at the core of business jet charters. And by having the largest network of aircraft and operators to choose from, Airvel can offer multiple solutions for every trip.

Saving Money

Studies show that the cost of a private air charter is similar to that of flying business class on commercial airlines, if you are able to fill each seat in the aircraft. Despite certain stereotypes and preconceptions, private jets come in at far better prices than most realize.

Businesses can then reduce their costs through ancillary savings. When staff spend less time traveling they spend more time working, or you don’t need to pay their overtime. For example, when a team of 20 engineers needs to travel from Los Angeles to a remote New Mexico oil rig, shaving two hours of the travel time can deliver a huge saving.

When business is conducted in the air it cuts down on your spending on the ground. When teams can visit multiple sites and destinations in a single day more business gets done. Air charters can make your business more efficient, not only saving money but ultimately making money as well.

Complex Projects and Remote Locations

The advantages of air charters aren’t as obvious when 90% of your flight needs are New York and San Francisco, or on another major flight routes. But all the advantages highlighted above are multiplied for complex business and projects. Directors can visit five remote projects sites in a single day, or attend meetings in multiple cities while still managing their day to day workload.

Teams can be transported more directly to their workplace. Then the plane can make two additional stops in even more remote locations. The more complex the project, the more varied the locations, and the more that business jet charters will bring in cost savings. Flexibility and responsiveness is at the core of any business and with air charters you’ll have sophisticated solutions that ultimately lead to a business growth, improved efficiency and cost savings.

Different Business Jet Aircraft for Charter

The price for all business jet charters is predominantly dictated by the choice of aircraft. With commercial flights you pay per seat but with an air charter you’ll pay per plane. Smaller planes are cheaper and it’s important to book one that’s best suited to the flight in question. Selecting the most appropriate and cost efficient aircraft is based upon:

  • The number of passengers
  • The distance traveled
  • The amenities required

It’s essential to start with an unrestricted choice of aircraft for charter. This ensures maximum flexibility and an aircraft that meets the needs, but doesn’t exceed what’s required (larger and better equipped planes will add unnecessary expense).

Aircraft choice is only one element of the customization. From premium VIP airliners to small business jets, boardroom to coach-style seating, you choose what’s best for each individual flight. Different options are always available, on-demand, with aircraft ready to be dispatched to the airport that’s closest to the passengers.

This article provides a detailed guide to different aircraft for charter, including their number of seats and range.

Maximizing Efficiency With Business Jet Charters

The old school approach to booking charter flights was to buy a set number of hours on a specific jet (such as with a private jet card), or to buy into long-term contracts with a specific airline or operator. When every flight is different it no longer makes sense to follow this traditional approach.

Business efficiency will be maximized if you’re able to book flights on an individual basis, as dictated by the needs of each individual flight. This provides the same flexibility as a long-term airline or operator contract in terms of cancelling and rearranging. However, you’ll also gain better long-term costings by using multiple operators as each has their own specialism, be it geographical or the type of aircraft. For example, for a Dallas-based business a Dallas operator can be great for 80% of the time, but not for a last-minute flight from Maryland to Florida.

Airvel – The World’s Leading Booking Solution for Business Jet Charters

Fly anywhere, anytime. And only pay for the flights that you need. That’s the approach of Airvel, the world’s leading booking engine for private air charters.

  • Unrestricted choice of aircraft
  • Unrestricted choice of operators and airlines
  • Unrestricted choice of destinations
  • Mission-critical and last-minute solutions
  • Absolute transparency and flexibility
  • Simple booking process and online payment
  • Easily make changes to any flight

Just search, select and start saving. Or contact Airvel and we’ll do all the searching for you.



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