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Who flies on a private jet? The latest data indicates that most private flights are short haul between major business destinations. Here is the list of the most popular air charter routes.

Teterboro is the most popular private jet airport in the US and features heavily with eight entries on this list. This year brings new entries and surprises as well, especially the increased popularity of airports like AGC in Pittsburgh and BKL in Cleveland.

All these popular routes offer outstanding value for private air charters, as well as being the easiest routes for finding an empty leg charter.

1. VNY to LAS (Van Nuys, Los Angeles to McCarran International, Las Vegas)

LA to Vegas for the weekend, that’s the most popular air charter route in North America right now. Finish work, arrive at the airport ten minutes before departure, and take off from the city, not the overbearing international monolith that is LAX.

McCarran International has a choice of airport FBOs with seamless ground transportation links.

2. TEB to IAD (Teterboro to Dulles International Airport, Washington)

Not the most inspiring air charter route but the most essential business route in North America. Teterboro’s popularity is driven by easy access from downtown New York City and very efficient FBOs. The airport has become a beacon of air charter success, processing a high volume of passengers with trademark speed and efficiency.

Dulles remains the most convenient airport for flights into Washington. When landing here you can use airport FBOs to avoid the busier commercial terminals.

3. BOS to TEB (Teterboro to Logan International Airport, Boston)

Number three on the list and the obvious choice when doing business between New York and Boston. The flight takes from 50 to 90 minutes dependent on the aircraft; as with most air charters the time you save is time on the ground, not necessarily in the air.

4. MDW to TEB (Chicago Midway International to Teterboro)

New York to Chicago for business charter customers...If this list is starting to sound a little dull then it’s probably because flying by private jet isn’t quite what the stereotypes suggest. Rather than a luxury lifestyle choice it’s simply the quickest way to get from A to B. The luxury is that you save time; rather than Instagramming the interior of an opulent aircraft.

5. BUR to LAS (Bob Hope Airport, Hollywood to McCarran International, Las Vegas)

Even more people flying to Vegas from LA, this time from Bob Hope in Hollywood. Interestingly this route is more consistent across the whole week, with a significant number of flights on weekdays as well.

5. TEB to YYZ (Teterboro to Toronto Pearson)

The only international inclusion on North America’s most popular air charter routes, this short flight over the border is a win-win for business flyers needing to save time. Airport FBOs have their own immigration facilities, which shaves off even more time when flying out of the States. Toronto Pearson is well situated for destinations within downtown Toronto.

6. HPN to TEB (Westchester County Airport to Teterboro)

Teterboro may be located in New Jersey but it’s comfortably the most convenient airport for flights out of New York, especially if you are coming from Manhattan. This short flight to Westchester County has become a popular commuter leg, with a peak in flights on Monday mornings and Friday evenings.

7. LAS to SNA (McCarran International, Las Vegas to John Wayne Airport, Orange County)

The third Las Vegas entry in the top ten, further illustrating the popularity of flying private into Nevada. With Airvel you can charter a plane and split the cost with passengers you invite. That means a group of friends pays a price per seat, with the flight from Orange County starting at around USD 500 per person.

8. TEB to PBI (Teterboro to Palm Beach International, Florida)

Out of the office and out of the city in less than an hour, Palm Beach awaiting for some downtime with the family. That’s one of the popular stories on this route between New Jersey and Florida.

9. TEB TO VNY (Teterboro to Van Nuys, Los Angeles)

The most popular coast to coast air charter takes around 5h30 flying westward and 4h30 with the tailwind returning eastward. It’s one of the most popular routes for empty leg charters as well as for sharing the charter with other passengers. The aircraft suitable for this long-haul journey may have more seats than you need; Airvel’s transparent search facility helps you compare an unrestricted choice of private jets.

10. TEB to OPF (Teterboro to Opa Locka Airport, Miami)

Yet another Teterboro departure and another heading to Miami. Four FBOs have operations at Opa Locka Executive Airport and it’s a ten-mile transfer into Downtown Miami from here.

11. HOU to DAL (Houston to Dallas)

You have to get down to number 11 for the first popular air charter route that doesn’t involve Teterboro or a California airport. Houston to Dallas is only a one-hour flight and is commercially possible on a number of major airlines. However, the total travel time is over three hours when you consider check in time, security, queues, and everything else that’s required at busy commercial airports.

With a private air charter the total journey time is less than 90 minutes.

12. BKL to LUK (Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland to Lunken Field International, Cincinnati)

A newcomer to the list, mainly due to the great value air charters that has evolved here over the last few years. As the price of private jet charters comes down there are more and more of these convenient short routes, especially between destinations yet to be connected by commercial flight routes.

13. AGC to TEB (Allegheny County Airport, Pittsburgh to Teterboro)

When Allegheny County Airport was completed it was the third largest in the country. It was also the only airport to have more than one fully sealed hard-surface runway. That was back in 1931. Now the airport is popular among business travelers as it’s much closer to downtown than Pittsburgh International.

14. SJC to VNY (San Jose International to Van Nuys)

SJC is surprisingly the first San Francisco airport on this list of North America’s most popular air charter routes. SFO has the worst on-time record of all US airports while SJC is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley. Los Angeles is the most popular destination from here, along with McCarren International, Las Vegas.

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